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Add variety with flavour

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince. After a healthy start of the day, you're looking forward to a tasty break with versatile products: Hot or cold, in a salad or on a sandwich.

A party full of flavour

You know how to get a tasteful party going! When your guests are already having a good time, why not kick it up a notch and give your friends and family even more to enjoy. Just a little effort for a big result.

Let's cook!

The early evening... A wonderful time to decide what you are going to eat. And then it's off to the kitchen to get stuck in. Whether you're an enthusiastic head chef or a passionate home cook, cooking can be both fun and relaxing.

Time to indulge...

Spoil yourself with a moment of indulgence: close your eyes as you smell and taste, sit back and just enjoy with a smile. After a hectic day, why not go ahead and treat yourself to a bite of our deli meats.

Josef Dettelbacher

Josef Dettelbacher’s Grilled Mince, already a familiar face at the dinner table for years, is now on Facebook!

The Hague Rugby Club

The long-time proud sponsor of The Hague Rugby Club HRC; Zandvliet is a team player!

Zandvliet kiest voor het Beter Leven keurmerk!

Zo wordt het voor de consument gemakkelijker om een verantwoorde keuze te maken op het gebied van vleeswaren en vleesproducten.